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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Process

How We Make It Successful
The seven steps to marketing success

We collaborate with your team to make special offers.


Set up audience and targeting parameters to get qualified leads


Create conversion-focused advertisements


Setup lead forms, landing pages, and integrate tools


Setup autoresponders for emails and messages


Launch campaign


Gather data, monitor, and optimise campaigns


Why Invest in Facebook Ads.

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Healthcare

You can enjoy services at our clinic with several features that make it easier for you

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook Ads Offer More Potential

Social media advertising for Healthcare professionals is a cost-effective and successful way to grow your practice. As a Healthcare social media agency, we recommend developing a solid social media presence. This helps you strengthen your relationship with your existing and potential patients. Facebook Ads Cost less than Google Ads in Dubai.

Facebook offers two options to place ads – boosting posts and ad campaigns. Both are effective ways to run ads, but to get the results you want, it is important to identify the best one for your practice.

Boosted posts are posts you have shared on your Facebook timeline and pay to promote them to a set audience to get more exposure. It is the easiest way to advertise on Facebook.

To boost a post, you can easily do the following:

To optimise audience awareness, website conversions and contacts, the use of Facebook Ads Manager to create ad campaigns is more effective. We have best Facebook Ads Experts to optimize your Paid Ads.

To create an ad, you have the freedom to do the following:

Grow Your Healthcare Practice with Ad-tivity

Connecting with potential patients has never been easier. Using Facebook and Instagram ads for medical practices is a proven way of growing your clientele. Facebook and Instagram offer users the unique ability to target patients based on several factors such as interests, location, behavior, and pages liked.

Research proves that 93% of new patients find their medical Healthcare providers on social networks, proving that investing in Instagram and Facebook marketing for doctors is worthwhile.
We have years of experience as a Healthcare marketing agency in Dubai. Many clinics look to our Facebook ads for Healthcare to boost their online presence.

Get New Patient Leads with Facebook Ads
We bring the patients, you focus on treatment. Our team of marketing experts for Healthcare have supported Healthcare practices in the UAE. We use Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate new enquiries weekly, integrate our system with your practice and use sales funnels to get potential patients to book appointments directly with you. We manage the entire process, all you have to do is focus on the patients.

Facebook and Instagram ads for Healthcare are unlike the traditional methods of advertising. Ad-tivity has developed its unique approach to online Healthcare marketing using years of experience to locate and target interested patients. We harness this experience to help you grow.

Get Leads for New Patients with Facebook Ads

We are Healthcare professionals who market for you. We Bring the Patients, You focus on the treatment.

We are a team of experienced Healthcare Digital Marketing experts with unique insight and approaches to successful Healthcare Marketing. We have grown more than 10 practices in the UK with our unique system, which generates new patient inquiries each week. We will use our profitable process for you and your clinic.

How We Help
Ad-tivity will:
We Get Results
Below is a screenshot of results from Facebook ads for Dentists we have previously ran.
Why Facebook Ads for Healthcare Work?


Facebook and Instagram allow precision targeting based on behavior, demographic, and geographic location. We create campaigns that put your practice in front of potential patients.


We use look-alike audiences to target new patients with profiles that are similar to the existing patients. You can specify the types of patients you want and we can help you find more of them.


Is there a new treatment you want to explore but haven’t been able to get around to it? Do you want to promote a single service you offer? We can use Facebook and Instagram ads to help you reach your goals.


Facebook ads are cost-effective advertising in comparison to traditional advertising and allow you to increase your business profile.

Most Healthcare consumers are on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms offer a unique advantage in terms of audience targeting allowing more reach and informing new patients of your services.
Yes, there are some important details to keep in mind. Facebook is particular about the types of images and copies one can use. There must not be upsettingly graphic images, and the text must have no self-assertive opinion or racial content.
Yes, you can get a lot of reach through good advertising. It is important to maintain local compliance with best practices in the Healthcare industry while advertising.
Yes, Facebook ads for Healthcare are effective. It helps put your practice in front of the type of patients you want,increases website traffic and brand awareness. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that generates results.
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