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PPC for the Healthcare industry is an effective way to attract new patients and generate more revenue. Paid search is one of the top strategies to attract specific new patients. Our specialised Google ads services for Healthcare will maximise your budget and give you an edge in this competitive industry.

Our team of experts in PPC services for Healthcare provides the best professional advice to help your practice grow. As a reputable Healthcare PPC agency, we have the passion and excellence you need to run successful Google ads.

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Our Google Ads Services for Healthcare Include

Keywords Research & Analysis

We conduct in-depth keyword research and competition analysis to select the best keywords for your PPC campaigns.

Landing Page Conversion and Optimisation

We design landing pages and sales funnels, optimised for high conversion. We also run A/B tests.

PPC Management

Managing PPC requires a lot of experience and market insights. Our PPC experts continuously observe and optimise the ads for high results.

Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click means that you pay when someone clicks your ad. This makes paid advertising a very cost-effective lead-generation strategy.

Campaign Creation

Creating campaigns that convert is not easy. It requires specialised experience and skills. We plan campaigns to get you the patients you want.

Ad Copywriting

Copywriting is about making headlines and descriptions that grab attention and get clicks. We write ad copies that convert.

A/B testing

Digital marketing is all about finding what works best and requires running A/B tests to optimise the working landing pages and copy.

Conversion Tracking

We integrate and set up all the necessary data-tracking tools to get insights from the PPC campaigns and make better ads.


At the end of each month, we provide a detailed report that includes a breakdown of how the budget and resources were utilised to achieve results.

Benefits of PPC

Effective Online Marketing

Google ads services for Healthcare offer the following benefits:

Improve Targeting Accuracy

Audiences can be targeted accurately, using campaigns tailored for specific segments.

Get The Leads That Convert

PPC for the Healthcare industry generates high-quality leads by increasing your visibility to people searching for your services.

Boost Your Competitiveness

Beat your competition by targeting your audience with more accuracy and better ad campaigns.

Reduce CPA & Maximise ROI

Google ads offer reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), maximised ROI, and increased revenue.

Get Your Practice to the Top of Search Engines with PPC

As Dentists ourselves, we understand what you need when we create your ad campaigns. Ad-tivity’s PPC specialists plan the PPC campaign strategy to help you jump to the top of search results and drive more qualified leads to your website. We feel proud to say that we are certified Google Ads marketers who create ad copies, display ads, banner ads, and video ads to help your practice grow. Our Dental marketing experts plan and optimise your targeting options, ad extensions, and bid strategies to get the best performance.
Remarketing Your Practice Across the Web
Remarketing is a very effective strategy in PPC advertising for Healthcare services. It allows us to show your ads to people who visited your website previously but did not click and show them ads that help them change their minds and act. In this case, the focus is less on click-through rate (CTR) and more on impressions. Our experts combine remarketing experience and knowledge to get the best possible results from your PPC campaigns.

In addition to Google ads for Healthcare, we also encourage our clients to sign up for social media advertising. To learn more, get in touch.

Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows businesses to be viaible at the top of search results for selected keywords. This increases the chance to land quality leads. We recommend Google ads services for Healthcare as a very effective digital marketing strategy
PPC services for Healthcare make your business visible to potential customers based on their search terms. It puts your website at the top of other search results, increasing the chances of people clicking on your link instead of your competitors.

There are typically three ad categories:

  •   Search ads – use text only and display on Google search result pages
  •   Display ads – use text with images and display on websites or in apps
  •   Video ads – uses a 6-15 second video and displays ads in YouTube content
Google ads are ideal for all businesses including Healthcare providers. To learn more about how google ads services for Healthcare can help you, book an appointment.

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