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We help you create an impressive social media presence. Our team of experts creates and delivers informative and trending posts and shares them across popular social media platforms.
Discover the Power of Open Day’s
The purpose of hosting Open Day events is to effectively market and showcase your Healthcare services to prospective patients who are most likely to benefit from them. Our team takes care of the entire process of planning, coordinating, and executing Open Day events that incorporate various engaging features to generate excitement and interest in your services. This provides an opportunity for patients to gain a deeper understanding of your offerings and firsthand experience of your treatments.
Our Unique Process:
Ad-tivity uses its knowledge and experience to implement a unique process that we have gained over the years. We will make your Healthcare facility a success.

Planning & Strategy

We analyse the area you are based in and identify what campaigns we will run and which social channels we will use. We formulate effective marketing strategies to create successful events.


We will communicate directly with you and your team to support in the planning, organisation and event structure.

Marketing Launch

We will launch your marketing campaign and to create a buzz in your local community, encourage engagement, generate bookings and interest.

Progress Monitoring

Your campaigns will be analysed regularly and optimised accordingly to identify and maximise all opportunities.

Open Day event
The stage has been set! Today is for you and your team to shine and give your patients an amazing experience to create a lasting relationship. Our team will be available for any support on the day.
It is a marketing strategy we use to promote your Healthcare services to new and existing patients.
Yes, you can tell us which specific Healthcare treatments you would like to promote. Our team will happily discuss and plan the best strategies for each service you offer to get them noticed on the Open Day.
AD-tivity is always open to creative and new ideas. We will love to know what you have in mind and merge it with our ideas to make it even better. Feel free to tell us what you would like and we will work with you to make it happen.
Yes, we will involve your team in our Open Day plans. This is crucial because we need to make sure your team is there to receive the patient information and their appointments bookings details.

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