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How Ad-tivity works
Signing up for our services means that we handle all enquiries about your Healthcare facility including patient booking, scheduling appointments, and sending reminders to patients.
We handle all the work; you focus on the treatments.
We Process Patients and Book Them for Consultations
Our experts have extensive knowledge about Healthcare processes and treatments. We gather all the patient information and transfer the appointment details directly to your booking system so that you do not lose patients. This approach helps on top of your bookings while you focus on your patients and the daily running of the clinic.
We follow up with all leads to:
Benefits of Choosing Ad-tivity

Choosing Ad-tivity for your patient booking needs gives you the following benefits:

Efficient and methodical follow up process


Would you like to see your Healthcare practice grow with more patients and return on investment (ROI)? Are you looking for a Healthcare digital marketing agency that delivers results instead of empty promises? If yes, you have come to the right place. Ad-tivity can support all your Healthcare marketing needs.

Lead generation is not as straightforward as it seems and requires expertise. We see many practices get lots of leads but due to the busy day to day operations of the clinic the follow up process is not streamlined and efficient. This is where Ad-tivity comes in, we use our knowledge, gained over the years and employ the best tactics to generate leads, book the leads at your practice and increase ROI.
We execute Healthcare digital marketing strategies that nurture leads through the Sales funnel for your practice. Our objective is to offer our clients the maximum benefit from our services. Our team of experts investigate and analyse your existing online presence, products, and services. Based on the information gathered; we plan effective marketing strategies and sales campaigns that attract and book the right type of customers for your Healthcare practice. Our goal is to ensure potential patients choose you instead of your competitor.
There are 4 important steps in the process of Healthcare marketing.

Ad-tivity helps you connect with patients of your choice. We research and profile the ideal target audience to create effective lead-generation campaigns. We use different tools to acquire data to develop results-driven campaigns.
We live in a digital age where people rely on social media for suggestions and recommendations. Our team of Healthcare digital marketing experts plan and publish posts that create brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation.
We recommend Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation for your Healthcare marketing strategies. These tactics show your Healthcare practice at the top of Search Engine Results Pages, increasing website traffic, lead generation, and conversions.
Digital Healthcare marketing involves applying strategies like Google Ads (PPC) and Facebook ads to make your business visible to the ideal potential patients, direct more traffic to your website and create brand awareness.

Seeing you succeed is our mission. For several years, we have helped numerous Healthcare facilities grow.

Ad-tivity believes in giving its clients the best professional Healthcare marketing services backed by results.

Yes, you will need to sign up. Choosing Ad-tivity means signing up for success. We handle all your Healthcare marketing needs to make you succeed. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your services and helps you get on the road to steady success.In addition, Healthcare digital marketing allows measuring your success based on data. We use the data collected by the Patient Booking system to assess and optimise strategies.
– Our team is always available to facilitate the leads to book appointments– You do not have to worry about attending to enquiries– Minimised risk of losing potential patients
Healthcare digital marketing agencies have a lot of experience and can make the process easier and more effective. As a Healthcare provider, your priority is satisfied customers. Managing the digital marketing for Healthcare process while focusing on your patients is difficult and requires experience. Let our experts handle it for you so that you can focus on treating your patients.

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