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Enhance your dental practice’s online visibility with specialized SEO services for dentists. Our Dental SEO agency employs tailored strategies to boost your clinic’s search engine rankings, driving more patients to your practice.

Importance Of SEO

SEO helps Google and other search engines put your business website on top of Search Result Pages (SERPS). This increases the chance of people clicking on the link and visiting your website. SEO helps increase website traffic, which means more potential patients, and more conversions.

Still confused about how SEO works? When a prospective patient types words like “Doctor near me” or “Dentist near me,” Google shows a list of websites associated with these search terms. You want to be on top of your competitors because the higher up your website is the higher the chances that the potential patient clicks on your website link. Our team of experts offers the most effective strategies for local SEO for Healthcare to help your business be visible to the right potential patients.


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Google ensure that the top 3-5 places are taken with their paid advertising Google Adwords but all other listings are down to how you rank with Google’s organic search and this is where our SEO techniques come in.

More Patients With a Low Cost of Acquisition!
We have learned the best tactics for medical SEO services. With Ad-tivity, SEO services for Healthcare is a very cost-effective approach. You get more patients and it costs less than spending on ads. Talk to us to learn more.
Get More Local Patients
Local SEO for Healthcare helps your business show in localised searches in your area. Our team of experts research the area and do a competitor analysis to come up with the best SEO strategies to help your business rank on top of competitors.
Convert Searches into Patients
As a trusted SEO agency for Healthcare, we diligently offer professional SEO services to increase website traffic through organic searches. We study your online presence and plan the best SEO strategy that helps convert the most searches into patients.
Increase Traffic on the Website

Our experts handle it all so that you do not have to worry about it. A lot of thought and designing goes into making a website a traffic magnet. It must be mobile-friendly, have a user-friendly user interface, and have good page speed. Moreover, the content must be engaging and optimized for onsite SEO. We also Offer result oriented PPC Services in Dubai. That is bit expensive, but your Website will be right on top after running Google Ads.

Our SEO Process Includes:

To maintain steady SEO services for Healthcare, we have a systematic approach.

Research & Audit

Competitors Analysis

Keywords Research & Analysis

Website Optimisation

Off page Optimization

Analyse & Reporting

Our Services In The Eyes Of Our Patients

We had tried many other Dental marketing agencies that claimed to have numerous years of experience and were skeptical at first. However, we are glad we chose AD-tivity. They offer great insights and fulfill their commitments. Google and Facebook ads had remarkable results and our patients have tripled within the year! Highly recommended them.

Bridge Street Dental

The team handles marketing for Dentists with a professional approach. They are passionate, talented people and fun to work with.
They always accommodate our requests and explain whatever we need them to explain. Highly satisfied with their services. Investing in Dental marketing was worth it with AD-tivity.

Old Town Dental Care

Exactly as they said - they are committed to seeing fellow Dentists succeed. They offer the best professional advice to help promote our Dental practice. We have more brand visibility on social media and a high lead generation rate from paid advertising. I highly recommend AD-tivity to all Dentists in need of a reliable Dental marketing company.

Old Machar Dental practice
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of acquiring website traffic from natural searches on search engines like Google. It is a strategy that aims to improve the website’s position on search result pages. The higher your website ranks the better.

There are generally four types of SEO. On-page (on the website), off-page (creating backlinks), technical SEO (anything technical like indexing to help bots crawl the website), and local SEO (using Google Maps to increase visibility in your service area).

It brings more patients through organic searches, helps create a trustworthy web experience, improves brand awareness, and is trackable. Moreover, it is an affordable digital marketing strategy.
There are a lot of factors to consider, like page-level factors which depend on the location of the keywords, how often people search for the keywords, and much more. Generally, it takes three to six months for a website to rank.
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